About us


Jambasi leather creations are fashionable, extremely resistant and adaptable to different styles.

We look at, feel and sense the environment around us.

We are fascinated by the unique shapes nature gives us.

Our leather creations are inspired from stones, roots, leaves, seeds and trees and from traditional designs and motifs of a variety of ethnic groups and cultures.

Nature’s harmonic shades, shapes, patterns and colors and human diversity give us ideas for our creations, which we personally make by hand using only original and quality Spanish leather.

Years of experience have refined our style and raised the quality of our products, which meet high quality standards and are appreciated worldwide.

Start using it…and you will wear it day and night!”

  • Nature inspired hand-made quality Spanish leather creations
  • Fashionable, resistant, adaptable to any where and when
  • Nature’s perfection and diverse cultures meet in our unique style


At Jambasi, we love what we make, we make what we wear and we do it with passion and creativity

  • Personal selection – we carefully choose materials in different Asian markets.
  • Natural fabrics – all our clothes and accessories are made in natural, fresh and light materials such as cotton and linen.
  • Unique design – creativity is in our blood and translated in our products.
  • Versatile style – you will feel comfortable anytime anywhere.

No detail is overlooked – zips end buttons are made in high-quality brass that doesn’t oxidize over time.


We have been working for many years in international music festivals.

The shop structure is a tent covered by a beautiful variety of fabrics with different materials and colors.

We use also natural wood with particular forms to hang our variety of belts and clothes; the accessories are exposed harmoniously on natural materials like wood and stones collected during our travels around the world.

Considering the importance of a pleasant experience of the clients during their visits, we carefully plan the disposition of things inside the shop, promoting free flow around the space and easy visualization and access to the products.